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About Us

Greene Fry is a premier boutique law office that is here to help you with any legal need. Our firm specializes in a multitude of practice areas and strives to advance your interests.


No matter the need, Greene Fry is here to help. Whether your needs include simple or complex litigation, bankruptcy, personal injury, real estate law, and consumer protection, we are confident you will be taken care of.

Our firm offers the premier services you would expect from a large firm with the convenience and attention of a solo practitioner. We treat each case as if it were our only case. Our clients are comforted throughout the process and satisfied after we have resolved their problems. We strive to make our clients' lives just a bit better when they leave than when they came in.

If we are unable to help, we will at a minimum refer you to someone who can.

Greene Fry, APLC


Greene | Fry is here to help you with any legal situation. Our firm specializes in many areas of the law, including, but not limited to; simple and complex litigation, bankruptcy, personal injury, real estate law, and consumer protection. If we are unable to help we will at a minimum refer you to someone who can.


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Our Team of Attorneys

Everyone at Greene Fry is committed to you to advancing your interests. Our experienced staff of attorneys will ensure you meet your goals and get help maximizing your opportunities, and address the issues that are getting in your way.

Ted A. Greene, Esq.

Ted A. Greene

Mr. Ted A. Greene started his career and founded the Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, Inc. in 2002. Mr. Greene began his career serving our Country in the United States Air Force. Since then, Mr. Greene has successfully owned and operated several large Sacramento based businesses, all aimed at offering assistance to consumers. He obtained an undergraduate degree in accounting and subsequently obtained his real estate broker's license to provide services to real estate clients, both commercial and residential.

After conquering the business and real estate world, he decided to enter into the legal field. In 2001, Mr. Greene completed law school and passed the Bar on his first attempt and soon after became a licensed attorney in California.

In his years as an attorney, Mr. Greene has become well versed in all aspects of civil litigation, bankruptcy and real estate law. He has helped hundreds with their financial and real estate woes. He has seen unimaginable success in litigating for homeowners' rights. He has succeeded against the largest of financial institutions, including JP Morgan, US Bank, and Wells Fargo. In both the legal and business world, helping homeowners protect their rights has always been Mr. Greene's top priority.

When he is not on the clock, Mr. Greene enjoys golf, outdoor activities and spending time with his family. He used to be an avid and competitive soccer player and tries to play in recreational leagues whenever possible.

Christopher J. Fry, Esq.

Christopher J. Fry

Christopher J. Fry has been a lifelong resident of Sacramento. He was born, grew up, attended K-12 school, college and law school in Sacramento. The majority of his professional experience comes from Sacramento and surrounding areas.

In 2005, Mr. Fry humbly began his career in the legal field at the very bottom as a file clerk at Thurbon & McHaney, LP, a mid-size litigation law office. He was quickly promoted to the paralegal position where he stayed for several years. He spent time at the leading consulting firm in Sacramento, MGT of America, but immediately realized that the legal field was where he wanted to be. Over the next several years, he continued his mission to become a prominent California Attorney. Along the way, Mr. Fry worked with some of the State's most notable firms. He spent time working with California's, and possibly the Nation's, premier Constitutional law firm, Palmer Law Group. He also had the pleasure of working with one of Northern California's most prominent trial attorneys, John M. O'Brien.

In his career, Mr. Fry has been involved in complex litigation focused on areas such as; Constitutional Law, Business Litigation, Consumer Rights, State and Federal Government Liability (Tort, Contract and Constitutional) and Personal Injury. He has researched, developed and implemented legal arguments set forth in cases against the City and County of Sacramento, the State of California, and even officers of the United States of America. He has worked on cases in numerous State and Federal Courts, the Third and Sixth District Court of Appeal, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal and even the United States Supreme Court. Some of the cases Mr. Fry has worked on can be found in published appellate opinions.

In addition to Mr. Fry's experience in complex litigation against governmental defendants, he has successfully litigated against America's largest financial institutions. In fact, he has led many cases representing homeowners for predatory lending, mortgage fraud and wrongful foreclosure. While these institutions employ only the most prestigious attorneys, he has briefed and prevailed on many demurrers (objections) and motions for summary judgment, including cases against Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and various others.

Mr. Fry graduated with his Juris Doctorate, sat for, and passed, the California State Bar Exam on his first attempt even though the State reflected all-time low passing rates. With his passion for standing up for those without a voice, he has decided to continue to practice as a trial attorney and will continue to strive to help aggrieved citizens throughout California.

Mr. Fry is admitted in all Courts in California and is a member of the Capital City Trial Lawyers Association, Young Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, Sacramento County Bar Association and the Litigation Section of the California State Bar Association. He is also a member of the Uniform Law Commission and currently observes in the Unclaimed Property and Foreclosure Law divisions.

In his free time, he enjoys golf, CrossFit, snowboarding, fine dining, water sports, traveling with his beautiful wife, wine tasting and hanging out with his dogs. Basically, he enjoys having the privilege of living in this beautiful State of California!

Our Mission

Greene | Fry's overall mission is to satisfy the legal needs of our clients. We are dedicated to being the best at what we do. We strive to provide superior and efficient representation by staying current with laws that impact our clients and investing in new technologies that allow us to better serve them. Above all, we take pride in helping Californians and strive to ensure that their legal needs are met.


In our years as Sacramento attorneys, we have dedicated ourselves to changing people's lives for the better. Below are testimonials from previous clients, who we have helped, overcome their legal struggles.

Some Interesting Facts

  • 214 Short Sales
  • 223 Bankruptcies
  • 375 Happy Clients
  • 99 Lawsuits

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Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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